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Advisory activity

Active local community and more present civil society are the catalysts for implementing policies and practices that meet the needs of citizens. The Council on Youth Policy aims to participate presentably in the decison-making process of the local government. Advisory activities ensure full transparency and opportunity for all institutions, organizations and groups, represented in the Council, to unite around opinions in the field of youth policies.

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Non-formal education

The application of methods and practices that develop skills in young people is of utmost importance for the development of modern society. In the Council on Youth Policy, we believe that receiving non-formal education, different from what is available in the institutions, helps to unleash the full potential of qualities that prepare youth for an increasingly competitive labor market. Such timely intervention will contribute to the sustainable development of their skills at an early stage, which would be a basic prerequisite for their successful realization in the future.

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Youth Engagement

Encouraging inclusion of young people in decision-making process symbolizes progress. Being a student, a stage of active development in the life of young people, is characterized by potential to acquire and develop a rich arsenal of skills and knowledge. Stimulating more active participation of young people in society is one of the main tasks of the Council on Youth Policy. 


The Council on Youth Policy brings together a team of responsible people who want to make changes. We aim to develop the interests and needs of young people. We strive to familiarize them with good practices in all spheres of social life, to help solve their problems and to support their personal realization and expression.



"I am deeply convinced that young people need to be more committed to being awake citizens because that is the way through which we can outline our own contours of the times ahead and live the way we want to live."

Alexander Ivanov, Chairman of the Council on Youth Policy


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